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A marvelous combination of sightseeing and nightlife, eco-tourism, shopping, island-hopping and people-watching. Phang-Nga region of ­Thailand is a virgin region and full of surprises that are thrilling, adventurous and magnificent. Begin with the local heritage, the beautifully arched temples, and naturally formed caves, scenic beauty of the beaches or breath-taking viewpoints within the region, your entertainment is thoroughly guaranteed throughout the stay. Phang-Nga National Park, Turtle village, Similan and Surin islands or the Khao Lak eco-tourism site are some of the examples of the local attractions.

Cultural tourism in Phuket

Cultural tourism

Suwan-Kuha Temple: A cave temple located on the top of the mountain, houses a reclining Buddha which is 15 meters in height with tiny shrines and chedis. It is popularly known as the Monkey Cave as it is home to hundreds of long-tailed macaques.

Wat Phra Thong: The Phra Thong temple displays the beauty of an enormous Buddha statue that is partly submerged underground while the other half protrudes outwards. A myth prophesized that from this site whenever the Burmese, during the invasion in 1785, attempted to dig deeper and transport this statue back to their country, a swarm of hornets assaulted them, preventing the soldiers from  excavating the site, and causing them to flee.

Wat Mahathat: This must-visit temple harbors the myth of the King of Thailand’s favorite monk who had supernatural abilities to predict the future. In his name, this site erected a 15-meter high black monk statue. It also hosts a freshly-built temple and a separate shrine where visitors can pay their respects to the surreal wax statues of the monks showering blessing upon their followers.

Eco Tourism

eco tourism

A unique and pristine natural habitat surrounded by diverse species of flora and fauna, the Phang-Nga National park covers an area of 400 square kilometers of gorgeous landscape and unmatched sparkling lakes. This National Park offers abundant adventures and thrills ranging from trekking, elephant riding and bamboo rafting to white-water rafting and simply cruising over the Andaman Sea.

The most majestic and dramatic tract of the virgin forests in Southern Thailand, Khao Sok National Park boasts 188 diverse species of fauna with the likes of elephants, monkeys, tigers, bears and boars being a part of it. Rafflesia Kerri, the largest and most foul-smelling flower in the world, is a part of the flora that punctuates a picturesque and extraordinarily scenic location.

Situated in an famous location, Khao-Lak National Park is widely known for its breathtaking scenery and innumerous trekking trails. Be it a hiking trip in the dense woods or an extreme ATV racing matchup, excitement and thrill is always experienced. Khao-Lak National Park also offers scuba-diving, fishing and surfing experiences. It harbors a Tsunami Memorial Park within its boundaries.

Kayak Natai Beach
Biking near Natai Beach
Scuba diving
Fishing at Natai Beach


Turtle Village: Located in Northern Phuket, this mini ‘village’ offers some exquisite Thai souvenirs, memorabilia, gifts and even involves other offerings, such as clothing, food and drink, dining and many more. This village encompasses an area of 3,000 sqm of retail space and is a famous shopping destination in this region of Phuket.

Bangla Walking Street: The Bangla Road in southern Phuket comes to life after sunset when the partygoers and bar-crawlers crave for entertainment. In a friendly atmosphere, it delights the people of all ages and has street performers that snatch you from a screaming night club.  Bars, clubs, discotheques, restaurants and some souvenir shops all dominate this road.

Phuket FantaSea: The ultimate cultural theme park of Thailand; located in central Phuket, this entertainment venue boasts elephant performers and their charming ladies. If that’s not enough, then you will be overwhelmed by the Tiger jungle theatrical safari that gives you goosebumps from their ancient myths. This venue also hosts a shopping carnival that is decorated with sparkling ornaments from the Thai culture.

Local islands near to Natai


The Surin archipelago offers five dream islands to discover, two of which are the main islands where several snorkeling and scuba diving activities thrive.  Mantay rays and white sharks are common visitors of this habitat. Due to the intense efforts of the Surin Marine National park, they host  a variety of sea turtles as well as flora and fauna that are rare in other regions of Thailand.


Listed as one of the most exciting diving locations in Southeast Asia, Similan Islands are extremely friendly towards scuba divers and snorkeling fanatics. The islands topography is so diverse that you can simply swim 20 minutes into a whole new ecological system of aquatic life.

Famously known for 007, Khao Phing Kan islands are a splendid destination. These islands were featured in the 1974 James Bond movie,  Man with the Golden Gun, giving it the name.  Since then, it has simply been an attractive photo destination where tourists pose for a photo with a backdrop of the absurd rock formations and the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.




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